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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Telehealth?

This is an appointment, via live video and audio, with a Hawaii licensed, practicing physician, nurse practitioner, or psychologist that fits with your schedule. All you need is access to the internet and a webcam; most mobile devices, including laptops, smart phones, and tablets, have these built-in. These types of visits provide patients and health care providers a convenient alternative to time-consuming in-person visits at a healthcare facility or doctor’s office that require travel to and from the facility and increase the risk of exposure to infectious disease.

Don’t I need insurance?

No health insurance needed, no previous mental or behavioral health diagnoses needed. If you have health insurance, the provider may bill the insurance. If you or someone you love could use a conversation or two with a professional, let us help you.

Who are we?

University of Hawaii-JABSOM AHEC (Area Health Education Center) is working with generous physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, therapists and psychologists to provide telepsych visits for those who are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm concerns, or substance abuse issues. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity for real help from a caring health care practitioner for your own self-care and peace of mind in these trying times.

Is my information secured?

Your appointment are secure and your information is private. Because patient data will be transmitted when telemedicine is used, we employ strict healthcare policies that meet healthcare regulations. We utilize a special technology solution that encrypts all data for patient protection.

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